To Design Instruction, Option E:
Seeing the Cell as a System (Grades 9-12)

Estimated Time: 6-8 hours.

Overview: Participants engage in a lesson designed around two benchmarks:

5C Cells (9-12)#2
Within the cell are specialized parts for the transport of materials, energy capture and release, protein building, waste disposal, information feedback, and even movement. In addition to these basic cellular functions common to all cells, most cells in multicellular organisms perform some special functions that others do not.

11A Systems (9-12)#1
A system usually has some properties that are different from those of its parts, but appear because of the interaction of those parts.

Participants study these benchmarks in depth and then analyze how effectively the lesson’s content and pedagogy would contribute to students’ understanding the benchmarks. Next, they use a Project 2061 design procedure to design a new lesson on a topic of their choice, and finally, if time permits, they reflect on the design procedure they have used. Throughout, they study and discuss relevant parts of SFAA and Benchmarks.

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