To Analyze Curriculum Materials, Option A:
River Cutters

Estimated Time: 5 hours.

Overview: Participants use Science for All Americans, Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and a specially developed analysis procedure to evaluate how well River Cutters, a 6-9 grade curriculum module, addresses science literacy goals specified in Benchmarks for Science Literacy. The module’s activities engage students in making models to simulate the effect of rivers in shaping the earth’s surface. Using river cutter models, students discover features of younger and older rivers and investigate the effects of slope on river formation. Finally, they are given two engineering challenges: they must construct a dam and determine the best location for a toxic waste dump. River Cutters is part of the series Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science. In addition to the presentation materials, background readings for the workshop leader are provided.

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