Need for Change, Option D:
Video on Molecular Misconceptions

Estimated Time: 15-30 minutes.

Example of Use: Sample 1.5-Day Workshop Agenda.

Overview: Videotaped interviews with "gifted" 8th and 10th grade students on A Schoolhouse With No Foundation demonstrate that even bright and motivated student are not able to explain observable phenomena in terms of the behavior of atoms and molecules. If time is available, an additional excerpt from the video can be used to show how a 6th-grade student modifies his ideas about the particulate nature of air when he is asked probing questions and given time to think. Participants can consider how the questioner builds on the student’s knowledge to help him progress toward understanding. This option is particularly appropriate for workshops where a topic related to student understanding of the particulate nature of matter is the focus (for example, the water cycle).

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