To Analyze Instruction, Option A:
Instruction Aimed at Benchmark 4B, The Earth (K-2)#3

Estimated Time: 3.5 hours.

Overview: Participants study parts of Science for All Americans and Benchmarks for Science Literacy to enhance their understanding of the intent of Benchmark 4B The Earth (K-2)#3:

Water left in an open container disappears, but water left in a closed container does not disappear. Participants then read several scenarios describing instruction and evaluate how effectively the instruction addresses the benchmark. If time permits, participants consider how the instruction could be improved to address the benchmark more effectively.

This option is appropriate for groups of elementary or K-12 teachers, who typically teach this topic. Research provides a clear rationale for the grade-level placement of ideas in the Water Cycle strand, and the scenarios give participants an opportunity to apply their understanding of the benchmark to the analysis and improvement of instruction.

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