To Design Instruction, Option F:
Control Mechanisms (Grades 9-12)

Estimated Time: 6-8 hours.

Example of Use: Sample 2.5-Day Workshop Agenda.

Overview: Participants engage in a lesson designed around the following benchmark:

11A Systems (9-12)#3
The successful operation of a designed system usually involves feedback. The feedback of output from some parts of a system to input of other parts can be used to encourage what is going on in a system, discourage it, or reduce its discrepancy from some desired value. The stability of a system can be greater when it includes appropriate feedback mechanisms.
Participants study the benchmark in depth and then analyze how effectively the lesson’s content and pedagogy would contribute to students’ understanding the benchmark. Next, they use a Project 2061 design procedure to design a new lesson on a topic of their choice, and finally, if time permits, they reflect on the design procedure they have used. Throughout, they study and discuss relevant parts of SFAA and Benchmarks.

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