Exploring the Use of Project 2061 Tools, 2:
To Analyze Curriculum Frameworks, Generic Plan

Estimated time: 2.5 days.

Overview: This option is designed for educators who are responsible for developing or revising a state or district curriculum framework. Participants examine Benchmarks for Science Literacy, relevant national standards, and their own curriculum framework—in terms of the subjects included, how they are treated, and how expectations for students differ over grades. Examples are presented from Project 2061’s detailed comparisons of Benchmarks to national standards. To learn about issues that may arise in writing a framework, participants study the nature of a case-study benchmark using parts of SFAA and Benchmarks that can help them understand what the benchmark is expecting students to know:

Participants also discuss Benchmarks, Chapter 14: Issues and Language, which describes issues that Project 2061 confronted in developing Benchmarks.

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