To Understand the Nature of Benchmarks, Option C:
Case Study of Cost/Benefit Benchmark

Estimated Time: 90 minutes.

Overview: Participants learn how a particular benchmark contributes to building student understanding of a topic; how other benchmarks on that topic are interrelated, both conceptually and developmentally; and what research reveals about student learning of the topic.

Benchmark 3C Issues in Technology (3-5) #5
Technologies often have drawbacks as well as benefits. A technology that helps some people or organisms may hurt others— either deliberately (as weapons can) or inadvertently (as pesticides can). When harm occurs or seems likely, choices have to be made or new solutions found.
Participants study the benchmark and selected sections of SFAA and Benchmarks that are relevant to understanding what the benchmark is expecting students to know about the topic: This option is particularly well suited for interdisciplinary groups, elementary or K-12, that include science, social studies, and technology teachers.

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