To Design Instruction, Option A:
Exploring Parts and Wholes (Grades K-2)

Science for All Americans and
Benchmarks for Science Literacy or appropriate excerpts

Blank transparencies
Chart paper

Central Benchmarks: Exploring Parts and Wholes
Exploring Project 2061 Tools-11A (Cell Lessons)
Strand Map: Cells as Systems
Exploring Project 2061 Tools-5C
Principles for Lessons
Principles of Effective Learning and Teaching
Inquiry and Scientific Values
Steps in Designing Instruction

Lesson Plan: Exploring Parts and Wholes (K-2)
Strand Map: Cells as Systems
Benchmarks for Lesson Plan: Exploring Parts and Wholes
Steps in Designing Instruction
CELLS Through the Lens of Benchmarks: Reflections While Using a New Tool

For the class:
Drawing paper
Crayons and markers
Masking tape

Parts of a Toy

For each group:
A simple, large wheeled toy, such as a dump truck (toys should be identical for each group)
A wheel that can be used to demonstrate that wheels are made of parts