Simplistic Listing of NCSS Standards
and relevant chapter sections of Benchmarks for Science Literacy

VI. Power, Authority, & Governance

a. rights, roles, and status of individuals 7a Cultural Effects on Behavior
7d Social Trade-offs
7e Political & Economic Systems

b. purpose of government

7e Political & Economic Systems

c. governmental mechanisms

7e Political & Economic Systems
7f Social Conflict

d. relation to unity and diversity

7b Group Behavior

e. features of political systems

7e Political & Economic Systems

f. relation to conflict and cooperation

7f Social Conflict
7g Global Interdependence

g. role of technology

3c Issues in Technology
7a Cultural Effects on Behavior
7c Social Change
8d Communication
8e Information Processing
10g Splitting the Atom

h. application of political science ideas

i. success of governments

j. recommendations for public policy