NSES Content Standard F
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Science and technology in local challenges
Grades K-4, page 141

Science and technology have improved food quality and quantity, transportation, health, sanitation, and communication. These benefits of science and technology are not available to all of the people in the world.

Benchmark 3C The Nature of Technology: Issues in Technology
Grades 3-5, page 54
Transportation, communications, nutrition, sanitation, health care, entertainment, and other technologies give large numbers of people today the goods and services that once were luxuries enjoyed only by the wealthy. These benefits are not equally available to everyone.

Benchmark 8A The Designed World: Agriculture
Grades K-2, page 184
Machines improve what people get from crops by helping in planting and harvesting, in keeping food fresh by packaging and cooling, and in moving it long distances from where it is grown to where people live.