NSES Content Standard C 
Life Science: Life cycles of organisms  
Grades K-4, page 129  

Many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents of the organism, but other characteristics result from an individual's interactions with the environment. Inherited characteristics include the color of flowers and the number of limbs of an animal. Other features, such as the ability to ride a bicycle are learned through interactions with the environment and cannot be passed on to the next generation. 

Benchmark 5B The Living Environment: Heredity
Grades 3-5, page 107
Some likenesses between children and parents, such as eye color in human beings, or fruit or flower color in plants, are inherited. Other likenesses, such as people's table manners or carpentry skills, are learned.

Benchmark 6D The Human Organism: Learning
Grades K-2, page 140
Some of the things people do, like playing soccer, reading, and writing, must be deliberately learned. Practicing helps people to improve. How well one learns sometimes depends on how one does it and how often and how hard one tries to learn.