NSES Content Standard Unifying Concepts and Processes:  
Evolution and equilibrium 
Grades K-12, page 119 

Evolution is a series of changes, some gradual and some sporadic, that accounts for the present form and function of objects, organisms, and natural and designed systems. The general idea of evolution is that the present arises from materials and forms of the past. Although, evolution is most commonly associated with the biological theory explaining the process of descent with modification of organisms from common ancestors, evolution also describes changes in the universe. 

Benchmark 5F The Living Environment: Evolution of Life
Grades 9-12, page 125
The basic idea of biological evolution is that the earth's present-day species developed from earlier, distinctly different species.

Benchmark 11C Common Themes: Constancy and Change
Grades 9-12, page 275
In evolutionary change, the present arises from the materials and forms of the past, more or less gradually, and in ways that can be explained.