NSES Content Standard Unifying Concepts and Processes:  
Constancy, change, and measurement 
Grades K-12, page 118 

Changes in systems can be quantified. Evidence for interactions and subsequent change and the formulation of scientific explanations are often clarified through quantitative distinctions--measurement. Mathematics is essential for accurately measuring change. 

Benchmark 2B The Nature of Mathematics: Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Grades 9-12, page 33
Mathematics provides a precise language for science and technology--to describe objects and events, to characterize relationships between variables, and to argue logically.

Benchmark 11C Common Themes: Constancy and Change
Grades 6-8, page 274
Symbolic equations can be used to summarize how the quantity of something changes over time or in response to other changes.

Benchmark 11C Common Themes: Constancy and Change
Grades 9-12, page 275
Graphs and equations are useful (and often equivalent) ways for depicting and analyzing patterns of change.