NSES Content Standard F
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Environmental quality 
Grades 9-12, page 198 

Materials from human societies affect both physical and chemical cycles of the earth. 

Science for All Americans The Designed World
Chapter 8, page 112
Increasingly, the disposal of used materials has become a problem. Some used materials, such as organic wastes, can be returned safely to the environment-although as the population grows, the task becomes more difficult and more expensive. But some materials, such as plastics, are not easily recycled; nor do they degrade quickly when returned to the environment. Still other used materials-radioactive waste being the most dramatic but not the only example-are so hazardous for such a long time that how best to dispose of them is not clear and is the subject of widespread controversy. Solving these problems of disposal will require systematic efforts that include both social and technological innovations.