NSES Content Standard F 
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Personal and community health 
Grades 9-12, page 197 

Selection of foods and eating patterns determine nutritional balance. Nutritional balance has a direct effect on growth and development and personal well-being. Personal and social factors--such as habits, family income, ethnic heritage, body size, advertising, and peer pressure--influence nutritional choices. 

Benchmark 6E The Human Organism: Physical Health
Grades 3-5, page 144
Food provides energy and materials for growth and repair of body parts. Vitamins and minerals, present in small amounts in foods, are essential to keep everything working well. As people grow up, the amounts and kinds of food and exercise needed by the body may change.

Benchmark 6E The Human Organism: Physical Health
Grades 6-8, page 145
Toxic substances, some dietary habits, and some personal behavior may be bad for one's health. Some effects show up right away, others may not show up for many years. Avoiding toxic substances, such as tobacco, and changing dietary habits to reduce the intake of such things as animal fat increases the chances of living longer.