NSES Content Standard E 
Science and Technology: Abilities of technological design 
Grades 9-12, page 192 

Evaluate the solution and its consequences. Students should test any solution against the needs and criteria it was designed to meet. At this stage, new criteria not originally considered may be reviewed. 

Benchmark 3A The Nature of Technology: Technology and Science
Grades 9-12, page 47
Mathematics, creativity, logic, and originality are all needed to improve technology.

Benchmark 3B The Nature of Technology: Design and Systems
Grades 3-5, page 49
There is no perfect design. Designs that are best in one respect (safety or ease of use, for example) may be inferior in other ways (cost or appearance). Usually some features must be sacrificed to get others. How such trade-offs are received depends upon which features are emphasized and which are down-played.

Benchmark 3B The Nature of Technology: Design and Systems
Grades 6-8, page 51
All technologies have effects other than those intended by the design, some of which may have been predictable and some not. In either case, these side effects may turn out to be unacceptable to some of the population and therefore lead to conflict between groups.

Benchmark 12E Habits of Mind: Critical-Response Skills
Grades 6-8, page 299
Compare consumer products and consider reasonable personal trade-offs among them on the basis of features, performance, durability, and cost.