NSES Content Standard C 
Life Science: Regulation and behavior
Grades 5-8, page 157

All organisms must be able to obtain and use resources, grow, reproduce, and maintain stable internal conditions while living in a constantly changing external environment.

Benchmark 5A The Living Environment: Diversity of Life
Grades 6-8, page 104
Animals and plants have a great variety of body plans and internal structures that contribute to their being able to make or find food and reproduce.

Benchmark 6A The Human Organism: Human Identity
Grades 6-8, page 129
Like other animals, human beings have body systems for obtaining and providing energy, defense, reproduction, and the coordination of body functions.

Benchmark 6C The Human Organism: Basic Functions
Grades 6-8, page 137
Interactions among the senses, nerves, and brain make possible the learning that enables human beings to cope with changes in their environment.