NSES Content Standard A 
Science as Inquiry: Understanding about scientific inquiry
Grades 5-8, page 148

Mathematics is important in all aspects of scientific inquiry.

Benchmark 2A The Nature of Mathematics: Patterns and Relationships
Grades 3-5, page 27
Mathematics is the study of many kinds of patterns, including numbers and shapes and operations on them. Sometimes patterns are studied because they help to explain how the world works or how to solve practical problems, sometimes because they are interesting in themselves.

Benchmark 2B The Nature of Mathematics: Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Grades 6-8, page 32
Mathematics is helpful in almost every kind of human endeavor--from laying bricks to prescribing medicine or drawing a face. In particular, mathematics has contributed to progress in science and technology for thousands of years and still continues to do so.

Benchmark 2C The Nature of Mathematics: Mathematical Inquiry
Grades 3-5, page 36
Numbers and shapes--and operations on them--help to describe and predict things about the world around us.

See also Chapter 9 The Mathematical World.