Benchmark 5B
The Living Environment: Heredity
Grades 3-5, page 107

Some likenesses between children and parents, such as eye color in human beings, or fruit or flower color in plants, are inherited. Other likenesses, such as people's table manners or carpentry skills, are learned.

NSES Content Standard C 
Life Science: Life cycles of organisms 
Grades K-4, page 129 
Many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents of the organism, but other characteristics result from an individual's interactions with the environment. Inherited characteristics include the color of flowers and the number of limbs of an animal. Other features, such as the ability to ride a bicycle are learned through interactions with the environment and cannot be passed on to the next generation. 

NSES Content Standard C 
Life Science: Reproduction and heredity 
Grades 5-8, page 157 
The characteristics of an organism can be described in terms of a combination of traits. Some traits are inherited and others result from interactions with the environment.