Benchmark 3C
The Nature of Technology: Issues in Technology
Grades K-2, page 54

When a group of people wants to build something or try something new, they should try to figure out ahead of time how it might affect other people.

NSES Content Standard E 
Science and Technology: Understanding about science and technology 
Grades K-4, page 138 
People have always had problems and invented tools and techniques (ways of doing something) to solve problems. Trying to determine the effects of solutions helps people avoid some new problems. 

NSES Content Standard F 
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Science and technology in local challenges 
Grades K-4, page 140 
People continue inventing new ways of doing things, solving problems, and getting work done. New ideas and inventions often affect other people; sometimes the effects are good and sometimes they are bad. It is helpful to try to determine in advance how ideas and inventions will affect other people.