Benchmark 11D: Common Themes - Scale
(grades 6-8, page 278)
  • Properties of systems that depend on volume, such as capacity and weight, change out of proportion to properties that depend on area, such as strength or surface processes. (1 of 2)
  • Standard 13-4, page 116, Grades 5-8
    Understand the structure and use of systems of measurement

    Standard 13-5, page 116, Grades 5-8
    Extend their understanding of the concepts of perimeter, area, volume, angle measure, capacity, and weight and mass

    Standard 5-3, page 87, Grades 5-8
    Understand and apply ratios, proportions, and percents in a wide variety of situations

  • As the complexity of any system increases, gaining an understanding of it depends increasingly on summaries, such as averages and ranges, and on descriptions of typical examples of that system. (2 of 2)
  • Standard 10-5, page 105, Grades 5-8
    Develop and appreciation for statistical methods as powerful means for decision making