Benchmark 11D: Common Themes : Scale
(grades 3-5, page 277)
  • Almost anything has limits on how big or small it can be. (1 of 2)
  • Standard 6-3 page 38, Grades K-4
    Develop number sense

    Standard 5-2, page 87, Grades 5-8
    Develop number sense for whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers, and rational numbers

  • Finding out what the biggest and smallest possible values of something are is often as revealing as knowing what the usual value is. (2 of 2)
  • Standard 6-1 page 38, Grades K-4
    Construct number meanings through real-world experiences and the use of physical materials

    Standard 9-5, page 102, Grades 5-8
    Investigate inequalities and nonlinear equations informally