Benchmark 11C: Common Themes - Constancy and Change
(grades 9-12, page 275)
  • Graphs and equations are useful (and often equivalent) ways for depicting and analyzing patterns of change. (4 of 7)
  • Standard 4-1 page 146, Grades 9-12
    Recognize equivalent representations of the same concept

    Standard 5-2 page 150, Grades 9-12
    Use tables and graphs as tools to interpret expressions, equations, and inequalities

    Standard 6-3 page 154, Grades 9-12
    Translate among tabular, symbolic, and graphical representations of functions

    Standard 8-1 page 161, Grades 9-12
    Translate between synthetic and coordinate representations

    Standard 8-2 page 161, Grades 9-12
    Deduce properties of figures using transformations and using coordinates

  • In many physical, biological, and social systems, changes in one direction tend to produce opposing (but somewhat delayed) influences, leading to repetitive cycles of behavior. (5 of 7)
  • Standard 6-5 page 154, Grades 9-12
    Analyze the effects of parameter changes on the graphs of functions

    Standard 9-2 page 163, Grades 9-12
    Explore periodic real-world phenomena using the sine and cosine functions