Benchmark 11B: Common Themes : Models
(grades K-2, page 268)
  • A model of something is different from the real thing but can be used to learn something about the real thing. (2 of 3)
  • Standard 6-1 page 38, Grades K-4
    Construct number meanings through real-world experiences and the use of physical materials

    Standard 7-1 page 41, Grades K-4
    Develop meaning for the operations by modeling and discussing a rich variety of problem situations

    Standard 2-2 page 26, Grades K-4
    Reflect on and clarify their thinking about mathematical ideas and situations

  • One way to describe something is to say how it is like something else. (3 of 3)
  • Standard 2-3 page 26, Grades K-4
    Relate their everyday language to mathematical language and symbols

    Standard 3-2 page 29, Grades K-4
    Use models, known facts, properties, and relationships to explain their thinking

    Standard 4-3 page 32, Grades K-4
    Recognize relationships among different topics in mathematics