Benchmark 2A: The Nature of Mathematics - Patterns and Relationships
(grades 3-5, page 27)
  • Mathematics is the study of many kinds of patterns, including numbers and shapes and operations on them. Sometimes patterns are studied because they help to explain how the world works or how to solve practical problems, sometimes because they are interesting in themselves. (1 of 2)
  • Standard 3-5 page 29, Grades K-4
    Believe that mathematics makes sense

    Standard 8-3 page 98, Grades 5-8
    Analyze functional relationships to explain how a change in one quantity results in a change in another

    Standard 3-5 page 81, Grades 5-8
    Appreciate the pervasive use and power of reasoning as a part of mathematics

  • Mathematical ideas can be represented concretely, graphically, and symbolically. (2 of 2)
  • Standard 4-3 page 32, Grades K-4
    Recognize relationships among different topics in mathematics

    Standard 4-3 page 84, Grades 5-8
    Use a mathematical idea to further their understanding of other mathematical ideas

    Standard 9-2 page 102, Grades 5-8
    Represent situations and number patterns with tables, graphs, verbal rules, and equations and explore the interrelationships of these representations