2061 Connections
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November 2012

In this issue

I. NSF Grant Supports New Tools for Teaching Evolution
In collaboration with the University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center, Project 2061 has received a two-year exploratory grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a plan for an innovative curriculum unit to help high schoolers understand core ideas about evolution and data analysis. Read more.

II. What Do Students Know About Energy?
With its latest grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Project 2061 will study how students build their knowledge of energy concepts over time and how teachers can diagnose their students’ learning difficulties. Read more.

III. New Jersey Teachers Focus on Science Assessment
This summer more than 100 New Jersey teachers got some new ideas about how to monitor their students' science learning. Read more.

IV. This Just In…
In this issue's announcements: Project 2061's workshop schedule for 2013, activities at the AAAS Annual Meeting, and a look at AAAS's Science Books & Films.

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