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March 2011

New Volume Explores Science Education Policy

[Cover] The Role of Public Policy in K-12 Science EducationGeorge DeBoer, deputy director of Project 2061, is editor of the latest volume in the Research in Science Education series published by Information Age Publishing. Written for education researchers, teachers, and administrators, The Role of Public Policy in K-12 Science Education demystifies the policy process, providing a practical introduction to science education policy: how it is shaped and implemented; the institutions and people who play key roles; and the impacts of policy on students, teachers, and their classrooms.

With chapters on a wide range of policy issues by experts from the United States and abroad, the book focuses particular attention on areas where policy decisions have significant effects on science education practices—instruction, curriculum development, and assessment—as well as on education outcomes, including improvements to teaching and learning and the equitable treatment of all students. Authors include highly regarded scholars and practitioners, and each chapter details an important area of the K-12 science education policy landscape, giving readers a closer look at:

  • Lessons on education policy from the U.S. and Europe
  • Connections between policy and the education of science teachers
  • The influence of private foundations on science education policy
  • The role of federal and state education funding and agencies
  • Leadership at the local school level and its influence on education policy

Drawing on their own experiences, the authors use real-world examples to illustrate the policy making process from design to implementation, calling attention to areas where more knowledge is needed. Together, these compelling accounts make the case for a more robust and coherent science education research agenda to encourage and support evidence-based policy solutions.

In an introductory chapter, DeBoer provides an overview of the policy world, setting the stage for discussions of the development of policy, its influence on science education, and its implementation in a variety of settings:

Copies of the new book are available from:

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Read DeBoer’s chapter “Introduction to the Policy Terrain in Science Education.” [via Google Books]

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