2061 Connections
An electronic newsletter for the science education community

August 2010

In this issue

I. U.S. Department of Education Funds Project 2061’s New Curriculum Development Effort
Analyzing the content and quality of instructional materials and their impact on students and teachers has been a major part of Project 2061’s work for more than a decade. Now, with a new grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Project 2061 will have the opportunity to apply much of what it has learned to the development of two new units for instruction in middle school science. Read more.

II. Helping Digital Libraries Make the Standards Connection
How well do NSDL online resources address science content standards and how likely they are to contribute to student learning? Project 2061 is helping developers of digital libraries find out. Read the full story.

III. This Just In…
Get the latest information on Project 2061 events, workshops, and news for the science education community. In this issue’s announcements: a new booklet from Project 2061 explores the nature of science, Atlas workshops scheduled for Canada and across the U.S., and an update on the 2011 AAAS Annual Meeting.

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