2061 Connections
An electronic newsletter for the science education community

May 2010

In this issue

I. New Momentum for Science Education Policy
With renewed attention on national science standards and science testing, Project 2061 is contributing to a number of activities focused on moving science education policy forward. Read the full story.

II. What History Can Teach Us about Science Education
In an essay published in Science Education Leadership, a new book from NSTA Press, Deputy Director George DeBoer examines the arguments for science at various points in time and the implications of those arguments for K–16 education. Read more.

III. This Just In…
Get the latest information on Project 2061 events, workshops, and news for the science education community. In this issue’s announcements: The May 28 deadline to nominate a high school science teacher for this year’s AAAS prize, Chinese educators visit Project 2061, a review of Designing Coherent Science Education, Atlas workshops for this summer and fall, and the Kavli Science Video Contest.

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