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March/April 2009

In this issue

I. Classroom Videos Focus in on Teacher Questions, Algebra Learning
How do instruction, curriculum, and professional development influence middle grades students’ algebra learning? To find out, Project 2061 and its university partners collected nearly 240 videos of instruction on a single algebra learning goal and assessment data on that learning goal for almost 2500 students over three years. At the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting in April, they reported on their investigations of this data set, one of the largest of its type ever collected. Learn more.

II. Museum Puts Science Education Front and Center
In March, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago hosted Project 2061’s first workshop designed especially for science center and museum staff who work with school-based audiences. Nicole Kowrach of the Museum talks about co-leading the workshop and discusses the Museum’s dedication to science literacy for all. Read the interview.

III. This Just In…
Get the latest information on Project 2061 workshops, events, and news for the science education community. Read this issue’s announcements.

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