2061 Connections
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January/February 2008

In this issue

I. Chinese Educators, U.S. Publishers Look to Project 2061
Speaking to science educators in Shanghai and school publishers in Virginia this past fall, Deputy Director George DeBoer shared Project 2061's standards-based approach to assessment and instruction. Read the full story.

II. Project 2061 on the Slate for 2008
Presentations and workshops give you the chance to learn firsthand about Project 2061's latest research and tools for K–12 science educators. Learn more.

III. Nominate High School Teachers for AAAS Leadership Prize
Bring national recognition to an outstanding science teacher in your school or district. U.S. high school science department chairs and administrators are urged to nominate qualified science teachers to receive the 2008 AAAS Leadership in Science Education Prize for High School Teachers. The $1,000 prize honors a high school science teacher who has contributed to the AAAS goal of advancing science education by developing and implementing an innovative and effective strategy, activity, or program. Access prize details, nomination forms, and application forms. For more information, contact AAAS Project 2061's Lester Matlock. Deadline: 2 March 2008.

IV. Educators: Submit Your Paper to Science
The Science Education Forum is looking for thoughtful, concise submissions for 2008. Published in collaboration with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Education Forum gives a voice to those with an interest in science education and the science of education. Read contributor information and previous articles.

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