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July/August 2007

Collaborating for Better Science Learning

KSI 2007 Resources

The following papers and posters represent only some of the resources generated by the 2007 Knowledge Sharing Institute of the Center for Curriculum Materials in Science (CCMS). A more comprehensive set of resources will be posted soon on the CCMS Web site. Please note that many of these papers are drafts; newer versions may be forthcoming.

Teachers & Curriculum Plenary and associated sessions


Symposium: Elementary Teachers & Curriculum Materials: An Interactive Poster Session

Paper Set: Teachers and Curriculum

Assessment Plenary and associated sessions


General Poster Session

Learning Progressions Plenary and associated sessions


Symposium: Learning Progressions in Environmental Literacy

Individual Papers & Posters:

Plenary-Associated Sessions

Curriculum Design: Diversity Paper Set

Student Learning: Student Learning Paper Set

Other Resources

Posters from the symposium Phenomena: An Interactive Poster Session

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