2061 Connections
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March/April 2007

In this issue

I. Atlas 2 Completes Strand Map Collection
With the publication of Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2, Project 2061's Atlas volumes now include nearly 100 maps that chart all of the K–12 learning goals specified in Benchmarks for Science Literacy. See Atlas resources, including sample maps from Atlas 1 and 2. Order a copy of the new Atlas 2.

II. Project 2061 Offers Guide for Teaching Climate Change
At the 2007 AAAS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Project 2061 released a new resource for teachers during a town hall event on global climate change. Read the full story.

III. Golden Fund Helps Project 2061 Reach Wider Audience
Thanks to AAAS's William T. Golden Fund for Program Innovation, Project 2061 is developing four new resources for science educators and the public. Learn more.

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