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January/February 2007

New for 2007: Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2

Project 2061 to launch strand map collection at NSTA National Conference

[Cover Photo] Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2

The second volume of AAAS Project 2061’s popular Atlas of Science Literacy will be introduced and available for purchase at the upcoming National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in St. Louis, MO, March 29–April 1, 2007. Completing the work begun in the first volume, the new Atlas 2 maps out what all students should learn as they move from kindergarten through 12th grade. Atlas 2 features all new maps for more than 40 essential topics, including:

  • Science and Society
  • The Nature of Mathematics
  • Weather and Climate
  • Human Development
  • Global Interdependence
  • Explaining Evolution

With more than 30,000 copies of the first volume of Atlas in circulation since it was published in 2001, many K–12 teachers, teacher educators, university professors, and administrators have found the connections among key ideas and skills depicted in Atlas strand maps valuable for bringing coherence to curricula, instruction, and assessment. The new Atlas 2 maps are even more explicit about the relationships among ideas within and across content areas and grade ranges. (For more details about Atlas 2, including a full list of map titles, see Completing the Atlas Story.)

The new Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2—published jointly by AAAS Project 2061 and NSTA—can be ordered before March 31, 2007, at a special pre-publication price of $53.95. Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 can be purchased as a two-volume set for $99.95.

For details about how to order Atlas of Science Literacy, please visit Project 2061 Books.

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For more information about Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2, please contact:

Project 2061 Director: Dr. Jo Ellen Roseman, (202) 326-6752

Senior Program Associate: Ted Willard

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