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September/October 2006

Workshop for NOAA on the Way

Event will help guide a framework for climate and weather education

Project 2061’s “Using Atlas of Science Literacy” workshops provide hundreds of educators each year with the chance to improve their science knowledge through instructional resources and skills focused on benchmarks and standards. Thanks to a new grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Project 2061 is now customizing its Atlas workshop to help NOAA develop a framework for climate and weather education.

Based on a set of conceptual strand maps for climate and weather drawn from the forthcoming Atlas of Science Literacy, Volume 2, the spring 2007 workshop will address two key questions identified by NOAA as central to its education and outreach mission:

  • What should be the nature and content of curriculum resources for the study of earth science?
  • How can federal agencies such as NOAA ensure that their curriculum development efforts focused on climate and weather are of high quality and take advantage of national benchmarks and standards for science literacy?

“The strand maps will help NOAA see the ‘big picture’ of what key ideas related to weather and climate students should learn over time,” said Ted Willard, Project 2061 senior program associate, who will develop and deliver the workshop. “This perspective is essential for planning learning experiences for students that go beyond isolated facts and make connections among ideas.”

By the end of the workshop, attendees from NOAA and elsewhere will be able to draw on Atlas of Science Literacy and on other Project 2061 resources and strategies to produce and refine a framework that can guide the development of programs, lessons, and other educational and outreach materials for the topics of climate and weather.

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