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May/June 2006

In Honor of Andrew Ahlgren

[PHOTO] Andrew "Chick" Ahlgren

What the future holds in store for individual human beings, the nation, and the world depends largely on the wisdom with which humans use science and technology. And that, in turn, depends on the character, distribution, and effectiveness of the education that people receive.

—Science for All Americans

Andrew ("Chick") Ahlgren
April 12, 1936 – April 23, 2006


AAAS Project 2061 would like to thank everyone who has honored Dr. Andrew "Chick" Ahlgren by sharing their memories and by attending the recent memorial service in Washington, DC. Chick was a teacher, a thinker, even an illustrator of his own ideas and those of his colleagues (see example below). We invite you to read the tributes we have gathered in his memory and to recall his many contributions to science education:

Learning goals should be considered not merely as a collection of ideas organized under various topic headings, but as a progression of understanding that includes what leads up to each specific goal and where it then leads.…[W]e owe it to students to think through very carefully the fabric of understanding we expect them to learn.

—Andrew Ahlgren, Atlas of Science Literacy

[ILLUSTRATION] Teacher handing a student model parts and envisioning a complex model while the student envisions another, simpler model


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