2061 Connections
An electronic newsletter for the science education community

January/February 2006

In this issue

I. With Videos, New Views into Classroom Practice
Project 2061 researchers used video cameras in the classroom to investigate the relationships among professional development, curriculum materials, teacher knowledge, teacher behavior, and student achievement. Learn more about how researchers and teachers are viewing these videos and improving classroom practice.

II. Field Notes
In this ongoing series, educators from across the country offer their perspectives on the benefits and challenges of putting Project 2061 reform tools to work. In this issue, educators report from Wisconsin and Illinois. Read more.

III. AAAS Responds to Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Controversy
When a U.S. district court judge addressed the question of teaching intelligent design in Dover, PA, classrooms late last year, Project 2061 and AAAS contributed to the debate in print, on the air, and on the Web. Read more.