AAAS Conference on Policy & Student Learning: What Textbooks, Assessment, and Professional Development Can Contribute

May 15–17, 2002
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Washington, D.C.

View the conference report by Andrew Porter

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Theron Blakeslee, Michigan Department of Education Science Specialist from 1989 to 2000

The Impact of Two Standards-Based Mathematics Curricula on Student Achievement in Massachusetts (PDF, 130KB)
Julie E. Riordan and Pendred E. Noyce, The Noyce Foundation

Reprinted with permission from Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, copyright 2001 by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. All rights reserved.

Presentation Slides:

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  • Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks
    Jo Ellen Roseman, Project 2061
    [HTML | PDF (1.48 MB)]
  • Keynote Address
    David K. Cohen, University of Michigan
    [HTML | PDF (88 KB)]
  • Improving Student Science Achievement in El Centro
    Olga Amaral, San Diego State University
    [HTML | PDF (6.06 MB)]
  • Improving Student Math Achievement in Baltimore
    Andrea Bowden and Melva Greene, Baltimore City Public School System; Patricia Campbell, University of Maryland
    [HTML | PDF (219 KB)]
  • Improving Student Mathematics Achievement in Pittsburgh
    Diane Briars, Pittsburgh Public Schools
    [HTML | PDF (1.15 MB)]
  • How Well Do Assessment Items Align with Standards?
    Leah Bricker, Project 2061
    [HTML | PDF (451 KB)]
  • How Well Do Science Activities Align with Content Standards?
    Ann Caldwell, Project 2061
    [HTML | PDF (84 KB)]
  • How Well Do Mathematics Activities Align with Content Standards?
    Linda Hackett, Project 2061
    [HTML | PDF (138 KB)]
  • Considering the Alignment among National and State Science and Mathematics Standards
    Lori Kurth and Kathleen Morris, Project 2061
    [HTML Section 1 | PDF Section 1 (109 KB)]
    [HTML Section 2 | PDF Section 2 (145 KB)]
    [HTML Section 3 | PDF Section 3 (221 KB)]
  • A Publisher's Perspective
    Virginia Malone, Harcourt
    [HTML | PDF (120 KB)]
  • Assessment Alignment Issues: The Case of South Carolina
    David Potter, South Carolina Education Oversight Committee
    [HTML | PDF (175 KB)]
  • Developing Assessment In-House
    Edward Smith, Michigan State University
    [HTML | PDF (198 KB)]