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Are some assessments embedded in the curriculum along the way, with advice to teachers as to how they might use the results to choose or modify activities?

Indicators of meeting the criterion

  1. The material uses embedded assessment as a routine strategy (rather than just including occasional questions).
  2. The material assists teachers in interpreting student responses to diagnose what learning difficulties remain.
  3. The material provides specific suggestions to teachers about how to use the information from the embedded assessments to make instructional decisions about what ideas need to be addressed by further activities.

Rating Scheme
Excellent: The material meets all indicators.
Satisfactory: The material meets indicators 1 and 2 or indicators 1 and 3.
Poor: The material meets indicator 1 at best.

Some materials suggest that teachers will use all practice tasks included in the unit as embedded assessment (typically, these suggestions are made in the introduction to the teacher's guide). In these cases, reviewers need to examine these tasks (even if they were examined before in the "Providing practice" criterion of Category IV).

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