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Does the material routinely include suggestions for having each student express, clarify, justify, and represent his or her ideas? Are suggestions made for when and how students will get feedback from peers and the teacher?

Indicators of meeting the criterion

  1. Material routinely encourages students to express their ideas.
  2. Material encourages students not only to express but also to clarify, justify, and represent their ideas (a material is not expected to encourage students to clarify, justify, and represent ideas each time they are asked to express their ideas; however, in the course of teaching a particular key idea the material should provide students with opportunities to clarify, justify, and represent ideas).
  3. Material provides opportunities for each student (rather than just some students) to express ideas.
  4. Material includes specific suggestions on how to help the teacher provide explicit feedback to students or includes text that directly provides students with feedback.
  5. Material includes suggestions on how to diagnose student errors, explanations about how these errors may be corrected, and recommendations for how students' ideas may be further developed.

Rating Scheme
Material meets all indicators.
Satisfactory: Material meets 3 out of 5 indicators.
Poor: Material meets no more than 1 out of 5 indicators.

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