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Does the material provide tasks/questions for students to practice skills or use knowledge in a variety of situations?

Indicators of meeting the criterion

  1. The material provides a sufficient number of tasks in a variety of contexts, including everyday contexts. (In order to determine whether the task/question addresses the actual substance of the key idea, reviewers will need to consider both the question and the expected response in the teacher's guide.)
  2. The material includes novel tasks.
  3. The material provides a sequence of questions or tasks in which the complexity is progressively increased.
  4. The material provides students first with opportunities for guided practice with feedback and then with practice in which the amount of support is gradually decreased.

Rating Scheme
Excellent: The material meets indicators 1, 2, and either 3 or 4.
Satisfactory: The material provides some tasks/questions, including novel tasks.
Poor: The material provides at best some tasks/questions, but no novel tasks.

Reviewers should proceed as follows:

  1. Identify the key ideas for which there is a content match.
  2. Score the treatment of each idea that results from step a. The overall score for this criterion will be the average of the scores for each idea.

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