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Does the material demonstrate/model or include suggestions for teachers on how to demonstrate/model skills or the use of knowledge?

Indicators of meeting the criterion

  1. The material consistently carries out (or instructs teachers to carry out) the expected performance (e.g., the student text explains a particular phenomenon using the kinetic molecular theory). (Teacher's guides often include responses to questions posed in the student text. If the material does not instruct the teacher to use the answers to model the use of knowledge, such responses do not count as instances of modeling.)
  2. The performance is step-by-step.
  3. The performance is explicitly identified as a demonstration of the use of knowledge or skill.
  4. The material provides running commentary that points to particular aspects of the demonstration and/or criteria for judging the quality of a performance.

Rating Scheme
Excellent: The material meets all 4 indicators.
Satisfactory: The material meets indicators 1 and 2.
Poor: The material meets indicator 1 at best.

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